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About Us


I have always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since I was a little child and I am so excited my dreams are coming to life. Among other things, my grandmother taught me how to sew with needle and a thread. Shortly thereafter I got some intense training and but gained a better perspective when I deviated from training and embraced my own creative stream. I always liked the idea of having our own unique designed boutique as I am very creative when it comes to interior designs.

A Dream

In May of 2015, I started my blog, my mama’s closet on facebook and begun posting pictures and branding myself on Instagram and I have maintained a consistent presence in the African fashion community ever since.

I came up with the name “my mama’s closet” because it all started with my mother. It is a known fact that every little girl loves to go into their mama’s closet to look for an outfit to try on. Well, that happened to me right after I visited my mother back home. Long story lovelies...

My blog and my fashion line “my mama’s closet” is devoted to inspiring every woman out there in the world to dress to their full potential.

I am very active in social media (Facebook and instagram) and respond directly and personally to the requests, suggestions, and general feedback of customers. My online store consists of a number of items, including beautiful dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, and more. I also cater to accessories and one can find one of a kind statement pieces. This site is accessible worldwide with affordable shipping and we offer FREE SHIPPING to Canada and the US. Happy shopping, lovelies!